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Previous Launch(es)
Date: August 17
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: SC for MoD
Launch Site: Baikonur

Date: June 08
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: EchoStar 21
Launch Site: Baikonur

Planned Launch(es)
Date: September
Launch Vehicle:Proton Breeze M
Payload: Amazonas 5
Launch Site:Baikonur

The Proton M launch vehicle with the Breeze M upper stage was launched today, August 17, 2017, from Baikonur Cosmodrome and has successfully delivered to orbit a spacecraft for the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. This launch marks 100th anniversary since the first launch of the heavy class Proton-M launch vehicle in 2001, and is the 414th launch in the flight history of Proton family launch vehicles (all variants since 1965).
Preparations for the launch of the Amazonas 5 Spanish communications satellite aboard a Proton Breeze M launch vehicle have started at Baikonur cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan.
Amazonas-5 was delivered to Baikonur Cosmodrome by an Antonov cargo jet on Tuesday, August 8 to begin processing for launch. The spacecraft is scheduled for launch next month.
Lifting off from Baikonur on June 07, at 06:45 a.m. Moscow Time (09:45:47 Baikonur 03:45:47 UTC/GMT), the Proton-M/Breeze M integrated launch vehicle (ILV) successfully placed the U.S.-made EchoStar I communications satellite into the target orbit. This was the 1st Proton flight of 2017 and the 413th mission in its history since 1965. EchoStar XXI is the heaviest commercial geostationary payload ever lofted by a Proton vehicle.
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The Amazonas 5 satellite for HISPASAT of Madrid, Spain, arrived at the Baikonur Cosmdrome in Kazakhstan aboard an Antonov cargo jet on August 8 in preparation for mission integration and launch aboard an ILS Proton Breeze M launch vehicle in September. The satellite will be used for both video content delivery and internet connectivity, among other services, in Latin America.
International Launch Services (ILS) announces the availability of a 5 meter diameter payload fairing (PLF) for use with both the Proton Breeze M and Proton Medium launch systems for commercial launch services beginning in first quarter of 2020. The 5 meter PLF addresses the increased volume of todays larger satellites required to satisfy High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) broadband capacity demands, stacked satellite height requirements, and supports multiple satellites for efficient deployment of large LEO constellations.
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